Functional measurement

Measurement tools to quantify physical performance

Our group uses a range of measurement tools to quantify physical performance alongside our work of developing effective musculoskeletal rehabilitation interventions. This includes techniques that can evaluate physical activity, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory system impairments and musculoskeletal soft tissues disorders. Measurement plays an important role in the evaluation of clinical intervention efficacy and effectiveness. This aids our understanding of the mechanisms of how interventions work.

To date, our work has also included development and evaluation of testing protocols to standardise use, which is particularly important in multi-site studies of a pragmatic nature. We have developed new analytical strategies for gait analysis and new applications for existing systems.

Our portfolio of equipment is capable of measuring: 

• Physical activity

• Gait and human movement

• Muscle performance

• Imaging of musculoskeletal soft tissues

• Cardiorespiratory function

• Sensory function

• Autonomic nervous system function


Our equipment is available to collaborators to pursue novel research areas. Please contact us for further information.