Patient and public involvement in research (sometimes abbreviated to PPI) is about getting people to be actively involved in research projects and in research organisations, planning what should be researched and how it should be done.

Patient and public input can help to;

  • make sure researchers explain clearly what their research is about;
  • influence the design of studies so they are easier to take part in and more efficient;
  • tell people the results of research;
  • raise awareness amongst the public of what research is going on and how to get involved.


We regularly seek advice and opinion from patients, carers and members of the public when we are developing research grant applications and when we are planning and conducting our research. Examples of the input we receive from patients and members of the public can include;

  • testing out questionnaires and giving feedback on their design and content;
  • advising on recruitment strategies for trials - do patients think that they would agree to participate?
  • reviewing materials such as information leaflets and promotional posters;
  • participating in meetings that oversee the conduct or management of the trial;
  • giving opinions on the components of trial exercise programmes;
  • giving opinions on study logos.


If you are interested in becoming involved in our research in this way, do please contact us.