Implementation of the back skills training intervention

The BOOST trial (Better Outcomes for Older people with Spinal Trouble) has opened its first pilot site for recruitment. The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham is now recruiting patients for the trial which is studying different physiotherapy treatments for people who suffer back and leg pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. The trial will be gradually rolled out across at least 10 hospitals in England over the next 6 months.

Participants who are aged 65 and over, registered with a Primary Care practice and report symptoms consistent with neurogenic claudication may be eligible to join the trial as a participant. The trial's primary outcome is to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme for people with lower back and leg pain compared to usual care.

The BOOST trial is part of a wider programme of research looking at pain and physical activity in older people.

For more information please visit the BOOST website