Sprained study reaches recruitment target

The SPRAINED study opened to recruitment in July 2015 and, after an initially slow start as the 10 participating sites progressively opened during the summer months, recruitment rapidly accelerated through autumn 2015 with all sites active. This momentum was maintained and we were pleased to have closed recruitment today having slightly exceed our target of 675, with 682 participants recruited.

The study is now in follow-up with patient reported outcomes being collected throughout 2016 at 4 weeks, 4 months, and 9 months following the patient's ankle sprain. The final results will be available in 2017.

The SPRAINED Study is a multi-centre observational cohort study of acute ankle sprains that present to NHS Emergency Departments. The study is validating a prognostic tool for use in Emergency Departments for patients with acute ankle sprain to identify those in whom recovery may be substantially prolonged or incomplete and additional investigations or treatment is indicated. The study is funded by the NIHR HTA (project number 13/19/06).

You can read more about the SPRAINED study here