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Graham Boniface

BSc (Hons), MRes, MCSP

NDORMS Research Associate in Rehabilitation

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2006, I have worked clinically in both primary and secondary care settings within the NHS and specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I currently work as a sports physiotherapist (mainly representative rugby). I currently look after Kettering RFC on training nights and match days. I also look after the East Midlands Rugby Union U-17 and U-18 squads and  more recently the Midlands Rugby Football Union U-18 squad. Across community rugby in the East Midlands,  I've been heavily involved in raising awareness of head injury (concussion) and was recognised by the RFU for this contribution in early 2016.

I have always been the questioning type and have always attempted to use research results to guide my physiotherapy practice. I successfully completed an NIHR Masters of Research in 2015, whereby I gained a distinction and recently published my Masters project in the British Journal of Community Nursing. After my Masters I successfully completed the HEEM Clinical Scholar Silver Award in 2016. 

I am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and Society of Orthopaedic Medicine. I am excited to be working with such great people at NDORMS and look forward to my time here.

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